SMP Compliance Academy

The Compliance Academy has been built to manage the compliance and regulatory training needs of gaming operators and software providers alike.

The platform is designed to be branded as the client’s own platform; it can support your brand values in terms of building an effective culture of compliance and encourage a learning and development environment throughout your organisation with specialist content provided and regularly updated by SMP eGaming.

Where you have your own existing content, you will be able to upload that onto the platform and use the same analytics, communication and scheduling functionality as if it had been provided by ourselves.

The platform includes a knowledge portal specific to each training course; specific policies, guidelines and other related material can be uploaded to the knowledge portal.

With an insightful analytics suite able to produce customisable reports, Compliance and Talent Managers will have a greater understanding of compliance training performance, personal development and where to target additional resource and time.

The Compliance Academy seeks to become your "go to" portal for training across your digital and retail operations. To achieve real engagement as your training partner we have adopted a subscription based pricing model that encourages interaction with SMP eGaming to develop bespoke content, facilitates continual learning and development and allows for the seamless delivery of updated, relevant course material. The subscription cost will be determined by the number of users utilising the platform per month.

  • Bespoke, branded training portal encouraging employee engagement and brand alignment
  • Constantly updated, CPD accredited multi-jurisdictional compliance and regulatory training content aimed at both operator and executive level
  • Superuser/Administrator functionality delivering effective management, communication and reporting
  • Adaptable and informative analytics; identifying deficiencies, key areas of risk and high performing employees
  • Integrated client-specific knowledge portal for key regulatory and related reference material
  • Low cost, subscription based partnership model

Visit the SMP Compliance Academy here:

‘With over 150 users setup and having completed on average 3/4 courses each to date, the platform has enabled us to take a different approach to training, whilst assisting us in meeting our responsibilities with the Gambling Commission, as well as promoting compliance in areas of our business that wouldn't normally see it as a priority. It's been extremely encouraging to see staff and our partners respond so positively to a subject matter that's not always perceived as an exciting subject. The material provided by SMP has been integral in assisting our staff in their job function and compliance now seems a much more practical and straightforward topic . Introducing the SMP Compliance Academy has proven to be a great success for our business and long may it continue.’