Compliance and AML Framework Development

SMP eGaming has the expertise and experience to provide bespoke services to support an organisation in meeting its compliance and regulatory obligations.

Our team has wide ranging skills from compliance, risk management, and project management and can assist your organisation by providing scalable, efficient, and cost effective compliance related solutions.

Whether you are a new start-up that needs compliance monitoring and reporting systems designed, implemented and managed or a more mature organisation that requires a Compliance Framework or an objective review of their regulatory or business risks, SMP eGaming have the requisite skills, qualifications and experience.

Our services include:

  • Providing a structured set of guidelines that details the organisation's processes for maintaining accordance with established regulations, specifications and legislation,
  • Provision of Money Laundering Reporting Officer and Deputy to ensure the organisation meets regulatory standards,
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting, receiving reports and providing advice regarding action to be taken and escalating Disclosures to relevant Police Authorities where appropriate,
  • Establishing and integrating appropriate policies and procedures, including AML/CFT manuals and applicable risk scoring matrix's,
  • Assistance with implementation of fraud scoring, PEPs and Sanction screening, geo-location checks, blacklist databases and secure PSP arrangements,
  • Management Information including the collation and reporting of monthly compliance statistics,
  • Regulatory Compliance - Ensuring compliance with applicable regulatory regimes Acts, Codes of Practice, Technical Standards and Guidance

Data Protection and Information Security Consultancy

ISO 27001:2103 Information Security Management Systems – Implementation and Audit Consultancy

SMP eGaming provide audit and implementation consultancy and support to ensure compliance with the specific jurisdictional licence requirements.

ISO 27001:2013 aims to ensure that adequate controls and procedures addressing confidentiality, integrity and

availability of information are in place to safeguard the information of your customers, staff and business partners.
In accordance with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission's Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards, section 5, licensees are required to undertake a third party security audit against particular annex's of ISO 27001:2013, Information Security Management Systems. The Gambling Commission require licensees to submit the security audit report within 6 months or granting of a licence and annually thereafter.

SMP eGaming provides consultancy services to implement an Information Security Management System framework to meet the Gambling Commission's requirements and to ensure a satisfactory audit report is submitted in a timely manner. SMP eGaming can also offer assistance with the on-going compliance to the framework to ensure annual security audits are completed to the required standard.

Data Protection – Consultancy

SMP eGaming's in house data protection practitioner offers advice on a range of information law and compliance matters:

  • Data protection breaches and complaints
  • Subject access requests
  • Data sharing and security
  • Data protection policies and templates
  • Data protection training

We provide cost-effective documentation to help companies put in place compliance measures, including privacy policies, data transfer agreements, data processing agreements with service providers and data collection notices.

PGI have worked with SMP’s Gaming Division for over five years. In all our dealings with them, we have always found them to be a highly professional partner and a valuable sounding board to our business; the work they have done on compliance, AML and regulatory matters has demonstrated an extensive knowledge and an acute understanding of gaming regulation and wider international compliance standards.

Our Specialists in Compliance and AML Framework Development

Katy Stopford

Katy Stopford
Director, SMP Partners (Jersey) Ltd

Ted Pepper

Ted Pepper
Director & Head of eGaming Risk and Operations